Ten Ways To Go Fashionably Green

As you’ve already heard me say in previous blogs, I’m so happy to see the growing awareness of our civilization’s impact on the environment! A much needed change in mindset is underway, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the movement by spreading the word. Quite honestly, I never thought fashion would successfully be able to jump on this band-wagon. For quite some time, sustainable and eco-friendly brands haven’t had stylish reputations. But these days, there’s a number of fashion-forward, earth-friendly labels that are working hard to change the face of eco-friendly fashion.

Here’s a list of ten favorite luxury brands with links to their website; Happy shopping! 

1. Mina and Olya was founded by two former financial consultants. This luxury line uses domestically-produced, eco-friendly materials like hemp, milk fiber and organic silks and wools; proof that terrific tailoring and eco-friendly materials can co-exist in the same brand! 

Screenshot 2014-08-19 23.51.45 Screenshot 2014-08-19 23.51.10  Screenshot 2014-08-19 23.51.34

2. Freedom of Animals is not only sustainable, but also extremely opposed to animal cruelty! This very young accessory brand uses manmade materials like post-consumer polyurethane, recycled vegetable dyes, and organic cotton to make their chic handbags; all of which are named after orphaned elephants whose mothers were lost to poaching. Additionally, a percentage of its proceeds go to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. How can you not be fan? 

Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.02.20 Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.02.28   Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.02.40

3. Amour Vert, whose name translates to “green love,” is a Paris-inspired brand that uses a zero-waste design philosophy and only sustainable, natural fabrics. For every purchase of their Amour Vert t-shirt, the company pays to have a tree planted somewhere in the United States.  

Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.11.37

4. Study is entirely produced in New York City using only sustainable materials. Differently from most, Study avoids releasing large, seasonal collections and instead focuses on small, monthly capsules. Owner and designer, Tara St James, has a menswear background and half a decade’s worth of experience in the denim industry; both of which are very present in her unique, women’s brand.  

Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.22.19 Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.22.57 Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.22.32 

5. Riyka is a sporty-chic brand with crazy, colorful, geometric accents! The London label uses recycled or organic fabrics and produces it’s collections locally. 

 Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.26.41Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.26.29 Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.26.52

6. Feral Childe is the art project turned fashion brand of two bi-coastal designers, Moriah Carlson from Brooklyn, and Alice Wu from Oakland, CA. The two designers are devoted to sustainable design with their use of natural fibers, upcycled materials, deadstock fabrics and trims, low-impact dyes and a waste-reducing produce-to-order business model. 

Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.39.36  Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.40.38

7. Atelier Delphine is a very feminine brand with flirty prints and lots of color. Their clothing is locally made in California from 100 percent natural fibers. I can’t wait to get my  hands on that white dress! 

Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.43.39 Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.44.04 Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.45.39

8. Angela & Roi is an affordably priced, crafted from vegan leather, designed and produced in South Korea, only sold on-line, minimalist accessory brand which happens to be very charitable, as well! Depending on what color bag you buy, the company will make a donation to a corresponding medical organization (red for AIDS awareness, green for the Anxiety and Depression Association, purple for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and so on). 

 Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.56.53 Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.56.37 Screenshot 2014-08-20 00.56.24

9. Kordal was started by Mandy Kordal, former designer at J.Crew, Trovata and Doo.Ri, before she discovered her passion of knitwear. Today, as a designer with her own collection, she favors natural fibers and small scale domestic production to keep things clean and green. 

Screenshot 2014-08-20 01.01.48 Screenshot 2014-08-20 01.03.39 Screenshot 2014-08-20 01.02.17

10. Litke has a bold style that integrates handmade touches like quilting, embroidery, crochet and smocking in her womenswear – all done on organic fabrics. 

 Screenshot 2014-08-20 01.08.49Screenshot 2014-08-20 01.08.17  Screenshot 2014-08-20 01.14.33

The next time you’re in need of an on-line splurge — try a few of these places out! You not only have a wide variety of stylish options, but you’re helping the planet. I can’t think of a better excuse to go shopping! 


PS: Check out my blog on how to go green NOW by clicking on this link! 

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