Feng Shui Tips: What to Look for Before Buying Your Next Home

Feng Shui has made it’s presence known in the western world particularly in the last decade. According to this ancient Chinese science, a balanced flow of energy throughout your home allows it’s inhabitants to be nurtured with stability, opportunity and positivity. Most homes in the United States, however, were not built with on-site consultants which means it’s near impossible to find a Feng Shui perfect home! Of course, some Feng Shui no-no’s are far worse than others. Take a look at the below tips so you can spot a Feng Shui disaster from a mile away! 

  1. “It’s all about the neighborhood” carries a deeper meaning in the world of Feng Shui. The neighborhood around your home is representative of the energy coming into your home. Be mindful that you’re on a clean street with good neighbors. Lawns should be mowed, flowers well kept, and aesthetics maintained.
  2. Avoid a backyard with a steep drop. For example, a home on the very top of a hill is great for sledding, but not good for energetic stability and protection. In contrast, if you have found a home with good backing (for example, your back yard is sloped upwards), you’ve found a great lot! This will leave your family with stable, nurturing energy that will seep into your life in a very positive way.
    Screenshot 2014-08-12 23.19.02
  3. If your potential home is at the end of a T-Intersection where traffic is constantly driving towards your house, this is a massive no-no. Abrasive energy instead of soothing energy will be constantly running into your home, offering a low and rough quality energy that can attract money problems and health problems down the road (no pun intended). This is the same for homes at the bottom of a cul-de-sac, and therefore in direct line of oncoming traffic.
    If your home is on a railroad, you may need to find ways to build beautiful barriers that separate the railroad from your home, but even that may not work as the strength of energy coming from oncoming trains are perhaps too powerful to combat.
  4. Your front door is where your energy should be welcomed. There shouldn’t be any trees, walls or bulky obstacles directly in front of your entrance that blocks energy from smoothly and happily entering your home
  5. Will your front door need updating? It should be well cared for so that it opens widely and without squeaking, has updated hardware and paint, and is a proportionate size to the rest of the house. Be additionally mindful of the landscaping and bushes around the front door. If you’re not thinking “my home is so beautiful, I love living here” as you’re arriving home, try and determine what it is that you need to change so you start thinking that way.
  6. What’s the first thing you see when walking into the house?
    If your back door is directly in line with your front door, energy is leaving your home out the back just as soon as it’s entering from the front. This leaves your home (and therefore you) completely unnourished. Screenshot 2014-08-12 23.28.00
    – If the first thing you see is your staircase, the energy is flowing directly upstairs, leaving your downstairs with nothing and thus promoting an energetic imbalance that can seep into your life.
    – If the first thing you see is a mirror, energy is immediately entering your home, reflecting off the mirror, and leaving from where it came. 
    – Avoid homes with front doors that are directly in line with closets, bathrooms and walls, also.
  7. Water elements (ie. bathrooms, laundry rooms, sinks, or other home features that use water) directly above, to the side, or below your front door washes away the opportunities and energy that come into your home.
  8. Similarly, if you have a bathroom (or other water element) above, behind or to the side of a stove, you are symbolically washing away money opportunities. Stoves are representative of money and therefore should be taken care of both architecturally and once moved in.
  9. The kitchen is where we eat, grow, nourish ourselves and sustain our lives. For these reasons, it is one of the most important rooms in the house for the entire family. The kitchen is also a Feng Shui symbol of wealth and prosperity so it shouldn’t be too close to the front or back door, making sure that energy doesn’t prematurely escape. The kitchen should have several levels of lighting, be airy, bright and welcoming.

    Screenshot 2014-08-12 23.19.55

  10. Once moved in, take special care in keeping your home free of clutter. Whether you have great Feng Shui or not, clutter will drag the energy of any home down. 

I am not a Feng Shui consultant, but instead an enthusiast who uses Feng Shui concepts in both my personal life and in business. With that said, if you have any specific Feng Shui concerns, feel free to contact me using the contact form on my “About” page, and I can put you in touch with a consultant who can help. 

Good luck!!

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