How to Live Greener & Cleaner TODAY

Living “green” is not a fad, it’s a necessity. As growing awareness of our civilization’s impact on the environment increases, people are thankfully opening their minds to adapting clean-green lifestyles! Awesome. So we’ll all save up for that hybrid car and full solar system installation! In the meantime, however, no one knows what else to do! 

Obviously, how you decide to live cleaner and greener depends on where you live, what natural resources you have available to you, your lifestyle etc. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to going green (or greener), but there are certainly day-to-day activities that will help you do more than just wait for the day that you can afford the expensive new car so you can help your planet. Instead, start making a difference right away!

Here’s how: 

1. Knowledge is power. Learn more about sustainable living. As time consuming as it is, this is an important step. Read up on the subject of environmentalism and how your personal carbon footprint can affect global pollution levels. There are plenty of resources available online, even if it means you just watch one youtube video a day on the subject over your morning coffee. Not many go to libraries anymore, but you can be sure to find tons of material there, too! 

2. Turn off your lights!! The most effective way to cut down on your carbon emissions is to conserve on energy in your home. Install energy-efficient light bulbs, turn lights off when they aren’t in use, make sure your walls and floors are properly insulated and windows are fully sealed, and keep your energy consumption to a minimum. You will save both energy and money at the same time. 

3. Conserve water. Every drop of tap water you use consumes energy! Before water reaches your tap, it is transported, filtered and purified. A lot of fossil fuel is consumed in the processing of it. In some parts of the world, water is scarce. You don’t need to keep the water running while you’re brushing your teeth, or your washing the dishes! Switch to more efficient washers and dryers, make sure your loads of laundry or dishes are packed to the brim before deciding to run a wash, and perhaps even collect rain water for use in your garden as opposed to tap water. 

4. Use less fuel. Find opportunities to use your bike, rollerblades and skateboards! Whenever you have to travel a short distance, why not take a leisurely walk to get there? If your work place is too far for a bicycle ride, consider mass transit or organizing a carpool. I know that it’s not the most convenient means of transport, but it can make a huge difference. 

5. Did you know that eating greener food can make an impact on the environment? The food industry contributes substantial carbon emissions in the process of shipping their products around the world. When you make the choice to eat natural, seasonal, local and organic food, you help to conserve the environment while keeping an eye on your health. It’s a win-win! 

6. Think about how you’re making your purchases. Instead of buying brand new, wooden furniture for your home, search online for good, used furniture. Or, visit a garage sale! You’d be shocked with the luck I’ve had at garage sales. As a result I was able to reuse an item instead of letting it get trashed!
Buying groceries in bulk can also save money and conserve on energy and packing materials. Buying high-quality products that last longer and won’t just end up in a landfill one year from now is a huge help to the environment. Whenever possible, buy products that have a fair trade label. That means people were paid fairly for the construction of them, and usually ensures environmental care as well. Shopping online is another energy saver! When you receive a purchase through the mail, the amount of fuel used to ship that purchase is no where near the amount of fuel you would have used driving to the store. This also saves you time, and many stores offer free shopping so, again, we’re looking at a win-win!

7. Use proper waste management. Hopefully we’re all reducing, recycling and reusing in this day and age! However, even if you’ve mastered this in your household, be aware that it takes a lot of energy to process and dispose of waste, whether it’s recycled or dumped in a landfill. So, conserving waste is still important even if you recycle. Keep a watchful eye on your waste and what you can compost. 

8. Your choice of clothing can make a huge impact on the environment! Chemicals such as insecticides that harm the environment and harm peoples health are used over cotton crops. Organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and flax are alternatives to the commonly used cotton that is not only better for the environment but better for your health! 

9. Similarly, you might be surprised at the harmful chemicals that are in some of our every day products. Use products made from natural and nontoxic ingredients. Amazon has an entire section dedicated to green products.  By shopping at Amazon, not only are you finding nontoxic and environmentally friendly products more easily, but you are saving money and conserving resources by doing your shopping online! 

Let’s take this seriously. This is our HOME and right now, she’s suffering. I’ll try to blog more often about this topic, it’s something we all need to be spreading awareness about. 

Happy Conserving!


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