“Take the Silver Line For All Your Holiday Needs!” Says Tysons

Tysons Corner Center had the official celebration for the opening of their Silver Line on November 29th! It’s officially official — DC’s favorite holiday shopping destination is about to become DC’s favorite shopping destination, period. Where once you could only visit Tysons if you had a car or lived locally, now anyone with a metro card will be riding the Silver Line and adding to the already 100,000 daily visitors. As a result of the Silver Line Metro, some retailers have reported double-digit percentage increases in weekend sales compared to the same period last year.

Here are some of the promotions Tysons is using to attract shoppers this holiday season:

  1. Brave the weekend crowd so you can take advantage of Silver Saturdays! Since November 15th, anyone who shows their Metro SmarTrip card at the guest services desk at Tysons Corner Center will receive a booklet with coupons from more than 60 retailers. The deals are good every Saturday through Christmas and comes with a free roll of silver wrapping paper!!
  2. Hello to Home Delivery! If you’re riding the Silver Line to Tysons but are worried about lugging your finds home on the train, you are in some serious holiday luck! Tysons Corner Center is working with delivery service, Deliv, to provide home delivery for shoppers’ packages. Deliv will deliver up to 50 pounds worth of packages to any address within a 10 mile radius of the shopping center for 5$. Shoppers can bring packages to the concierge or text Deliv from wherever they are in the mall and have the concierge service come and retrieve the packages directly from you so you can continue shopping. If you’re at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s, Deliv will have a concierge service specific to those stores, as well.
  3.  Winter Wonderland a la Silver Line! As of Black Friday, the plaza that connects the Silver Line with Tysons Corner Center will be turned into a huge winter festival throughout the holiday season. Enjoy a 5,200 square-foot ice rink, a 50 foot Christmas tree, a 1,800-square-foot tent selling German holiday goods, vendors selling mulled wine, German beer, German fare, hot chocolate and coffee. This coming weekend, even more vendors will join the Germans, making this holiday season a truly unique shopping experience for this area.”As the years unfold, we hope this becomes our region’s version of Rockefeller Center,” says Bob Maurer, marketing director for Tysons. — Well, Bob, you just might be on the right track.

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